"Y" In The World

Apparently "Generation Y" is the target of the year for advertisers and marketing gurus. Problem is, it's an elusive target. In an article I just skimmed in one of my industry mags, Generation Y seems to harness extreme brand loyalty while being wildy fickle at the same time. I don't even know what that's supposed to mean.

I think the problem is the 15-year span of babies being dubbed "Gen Y".

What I get from all the analysis of Gen Y is that they want fun, they want new, they want tech, they want what works and they want it now. Hey, isn't that what Gen X wanted?

Here's the thing. What with the internet and the ability to touch your audience right this second (note, I am composing a newsletter article at 7:30 am Monday morning January 30 and it will be available to read online by about 7:40), it appears that knowing your audience's interests would be of prime importance.

So is Gen Y, as a whole, "your audience"? Of course not.

Your audience is your buyer. Or your client. If you make aluminum cast products for manufacturing machines, your audience is the designer/engineer/procurement chain in manufacturing. Point is, you know your product, and your direction. If you know that, you know your audience, at least to a degree. That's a good start.

Now, apparently, the message in my industry mag is that MY audience is Gen Y. I guess that's true. You want fun, new, tech, what works, now (just like Gen X did).

OK, I can work with that.


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